A Week-End in the Garden

Winter always seems to have been so long by the time it decides to leave us and we can begin to anticipate that, yes, spring and then summer will come again another year.  The weather continues to tease with it's unsettled days and nights of showers and sun, cold and warm, all providing everything needed for the beautiful green to replace the brown of the lawn and the blooms of the Forsythia and Lilacs to blossom.  The roses are pruned and the red shoots of the peonies can be seen poking their heads up from winter sleep, the beginnings of beautiful summer bouquets and all part of a Scandinavian landscape.  Today, in between showers, will be the first work day in this spring season for the lower garden of berries, herbs, vegetable and flowers and the building of the new galvanized metal garden boxes.  The raspberries and rhubarb will stand alone surrounded by Dahlia's and Zinnia's.  The back wall of the garden will be a new project of Transparent, Gala and Fuji apple espaliers of trained and pruned branches of apple trees .  And the glorious Sunflowers with their heads raised to the heavens will again sway in the summer winds at The Lake House.  Come join us----