The First Day of Spring

The grass is so brown, the tree and lilacs barely budding, somewhat fearing another freeze, as the calendar announces the arrival of spring.  Ahhh, winter is behind us and ahead the excitement of a glorious spring, summer and fall at The Lake House.  The sky, bright with billowing clouds, gives way to thunder, lightning and a rainbow of promise.  My observation is still from my window as I survey the lawns and gardens with anticipation of wonderful outdoor living soon to come here at the lake.  The lawn will be thatched, the roses pruned and the gardens tilled before the weeds make themselves at home.  My welcome to spring begins with the ritual of my Swedish grandmother Alma and my sweet mother as I cut the barely budding branches of the Forsythia near my front porch.  In a beautiful vase in my kitchen the branches will take their place and in the warmth of the house and begin to blossom.  Renewing and restorative with childhood memories, the yellow blooms of Forsythia, a sweet announcement of spring-----