And the Lilacs

Deep purple, lavender and the most coveted double white lilacs will lead the way to spring in my garden here at the lake.  Such a magnificent and yet old-fashioned flower with the unmistakable scent that draws me to celebrate spring with them.  My lilacs began in pots from my local nursery, my grandmother's were propagated from twigs from the bushes of dear friends and yet as lovely as any I've ever seen.  Lilacs love it here at the lake and having begun so small, now towering over the yard and reaching to the upstairs windows..  Only the glass of the dining room window separates us from what could be a still life painting of these glorious blooms now decorating our sunny room.  And as the blooms of the golden yellow forsythia fade, the lilacs will take their place in joyful spring announcement in the beautiful crystal vase of my grandmother's on my kitchen table.