Lovely Living on Lake Roosevelt

 Lake Roosevelt.  Water and wilderness as far as the eye can see.   So peaceful, undisturbed and glorious.  Open sky everywhere gives a warning of a pending winter snow storm or a magnificent summer thunder and lightning display.  Above, on the ridge, rises the beautiful Lake House.  Our family home.  My place of the heart----

A road trip to eastern Washington from our home in Poulsbo in 1995 began our love affair with the countryside of this lake and ultimately the tiny farming community of Hunters.  We'd always lived in Washington. We loved our home on Liberty Bay, our friendships and the place of our roots.  But as we drove south down highway 25, past the acres and acres of wheat fields, apple, peach and pear orchards and small farm houses, there was a sense of familiarity and unexpected connection with this land, this place.   A sweet feeling of home ----

And so began our adventure with the land, the lake and the creation of our beautiful Lake House resting on the ridge above the grandness of Lake Roosevelt.