The Cycle of Life on the Lake

Winter, spring, summer and fall, the cycle of life at The Lake House overlooking the beautiful Lake Roosevelt in the countryside of Eastern Washington. Each season so distinct and full of surprises.  Such a mild winter with little snow that leaves me with a feeling of having skipped a chapter of the book of of our lives here in Hunters.  It almost always snows on Thanksgiving Day but our day came and went without any snow in site. And as the days continued to pass during this unexpected winter of so little snow, we were reminded that the sun, the moon, the rain, the snow, the winds, the calm and our the very days are directed by the Creator himself.  March has arrived and with it beautiful, unexpectedly,warm days. The grass is getting green and the Forsythia bloomed weeks early.  Ode to Joy-----

A Week-End in the Garden

Winter always seems to have been so long by the time it decides to leave us and we can begin to anticipate that, yes, spring and then summer will come again another year.  The weather continues to tease with it's unsettled days and nights of showers and sun, cold and warm, all providing everything needed for the beautiful green to replace the brown of the lawn and the blooms of the Forsythia and Lilacs to blossom.  The roses are pruned and the red shoots of the peonies can be seen poking their heads up from winter sleep, the beginnings of beautiful summer bouquets and all part of a Scandinavian landscape.  Today, in between showers, will be the first work day in this spring season for the lower garden of berries, herbs, vegetable and flowers and the building of the new galvanized metal garden boxes.  The raspberries and rhubarb will stand alone surrounded by Dahlia's and Zinnia's.  The back wall of the garden will be a new project of Transparent, Gala and Fuji apple espaliers of trained and pruned branches of apple trees .  And the glorious Sunflowers with their heads raised to the heavens will again sway in the summer winds at The Lake House.  Come join us----

And the Lilacs

Deep purple, lavender and the most coveted double white lilacs will lead the way to spring in my garden here at the lake.  Such a magnificent and yet old-fashioned flower with the unmistakable scent that draws me to celebrate spring with them.  My lilacs began in pots from my local nursery, my grandmother's were propagated from twigs from the bushes of dear friends and yet as lovely as any I've ever seen.  Lilacs love it here at the lake and having begun so small, now towering over the yard and reaching to the upstairs windows..  Only the glass of the dining room window separates us from what could be a still life painting of these glorious blooms now decorating our sunny room.  And as the blooms of the golden yellow forsythia fade, the lilacs will take their place in joyful spring announcement in the beautiful crystal vase of my grandmother's on my kitchen table.


The First Day of Spring

The grass is so brown, the tree and lilacs barely budding, somewhat fearing another freeze, as the calendar announces the arrival of spring.  Ahhh, winter is behind us and ahead the excitement of a glorious spring, summer and fall at The Lake House.  The sky, bright with billowing clouds, gives way to thunder, lightning and a rainbow of promise.  My observation is still from my window as I survey the lawns and gardens with anticipation of wonderful outdoor living soon to come here at the lake.  The lawn will be thatched, the roses pruned and the gardens tilled before the weeds make themselves at home.  My welcome to spring begins with the ritual of my Swedish grandmother Alma and my sweet mother as I cut the barely budding branches of the Forsythia near my front porch.  In a beautiful vase in my kitchen the branches will take their place and in the warmth of the house and begin to blossom.  Renewing and restorative with childhood memories, the yellow blooms of Forsythia, a sweet announcement of spring-----

A Wedding at the Lutheran Church in Egypt

It was a beautiful July day and the wedding day of our daughter Sarah.  The wedding of Sarah and Scott was a magical ceremony at the Lutheran Church in Egypt.  The church, a picture from another time, white with a big steeple and bell, in the middle of a golden wheat field.  The darling little flower girl Dalis announced the bride, ringing a bell and dropping her petals.  Brenden and Cameron, just a little too old to be the ring bearers followed her lead as sister Rachel began the procession of the attendants.   A beautiful bride, in a princess gown of tulle and her handsome groom. The Lord's Prayers sung acapella by our friend Howie who traveled from Poulsbo to be with us.  Surrounded by family, friends and the blessings of God---- 

Celebrating Life---

The Lake House is our family home, a place where we celebrate life together with family, friends and some of you.  It's a home created for love, joy,happiness and time together with all those special people in our lives.  A lovely summer dinner on the patio surrounded by roses overlooking Lake Roosevelt. and as the sun goes down, an outdoor fire and the lights on at the pool in the warm evening. Or a snowy winter day ice skating and dancing on the frozen pool. Time seems to stop as we're enveloped in nature, friendship, good food and celebration.  There are no interruptions,  just  peace and quiet in the country.  Come join us--


A Swedish- Farm House

A farm-house, white inside and out, a place where my Scandinavian roots still live and meet my love for vintage.  Twenty acres of undisturbed beauty in silence that encompasses and takes your breath away.  Not another person, not another house in site.  A porch wraps around the front of the house, a perfect place for adirondack chairs for morning coffee or conversation on a summer evening.  Rustic pine floors anchor rooms of eclectic pieces of our lives and remind us of who we are and where we've been.. French doors beckon to patios, gardens, beautiful lawn and swimming pool on the edge of a ridge over-looking the magnificent Lake Roosevelt.  A house & home created through the blessing of God.  A place of love, family, friendship and celebration.  A place next to heaven-----



Lovely Living on Lake Roosevelt

 Lake Roosevelt.  Water and wilderness as far as the eye can see.   So peaceful, undisturbed and glorious.  Open sky everywhere gives a warning of a pending winter snow storm or a magnificent summer thunder and lightning display.  Above, on the ridge, rises the beautiful Lake House.  Our family home.  My place of the heart----

A road trip to eastern Washington from our home in Poulsbo in 1995 began our love affair with the countryside of this lake and ultimately the tiny farming community of Hunters.  We'd always lived in Washington. We loved our home on Liberty Bay, our friendships and the place of our roots.  But as we drove south down highway 25, past the acres and acres of wheat fields, apple, peach and pear orchards and small farm houses, there was a sense of familiarity and unexpected connection with this land, this place.   A sweet feeling of home ----

And so began our adventure with the land, the lake and the creation of our beautiful Lake House resting on the ridge above the grandness of Lake Roosevelt.